Hurt people hurt people

Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and others were shot in an Arizona attack this weekend. The typical media parade of pundits began less that three hours post Saturday’s horrible event.   The blogosphere was way ahead of them.  The expected, reckless rhetoric – assigning a mental disorder as the genesis of such a heinous act  – defies three decades of science on the developing brain.

To credit this act (or any act of violence) to an evil, crazed, mentally deranged person allows us to distance ourselves from the gunman, but, much more of concern, aborts our nation’s ability to finally recognize our fatal flaw that, unaddressed, is hurling us towards disaster - the indisputable link of conscious parenting to the creation of a civil society.

As the coming days bring forth the shooter’s childhood, we will learn more of his failed family history.  Already, neighbors use words such as “loners,” “unfriendly,” and “withdrawn” to describe both the parents and their son. Given the human biological desperation to be nurtured, will we acknowledge that this shooter was not born inherently evil? or a monster looking for his ten minutes of fame? or an aberration of nature?

For all of our sakes, will we acknowledge he is one of millions upon millions of our nation’s grownup broken children, who in his unheard hopelessness, his cheated childhood, has changed our history as an open and free society, accelerated our sense of fear, and revealed a bit more of the tip of the iceberg?

This first week in America 2011:

January 7:  Suspended high school student kills Vice Principal, wounds Principal; 6 middle school girls arrested in “Attack a Teacher Day”

January 8:  Postal Parcel Addressed To Napolitano Ignites In D.C.

January 9:  Gunman shoots US Congresswoman, kills Federal Judge

America, it’s time to remember what family is for.

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