An American TEACHER Speaks

I am a male who teaches K – 1st Combination.  I chose the little ones since so many have no healthy male role model to guide them.

This year I have 24 students and no aid. Every year until this year I have had an aid. But, now, budget cuts mean I no longer have that support.  I ask parents to help, even just one day a month, but no one comes.  I don’t understand.  These are their children. Their education is their future.

Every year, there are more and more needy students who need extra help, but if I give them help I cheat the progress of kids who are ready to move on.  At my desk, they line up and wait 20 minutes for my help.

And next year? 29, maybe 30 or more students in this little classroom. I don’t know what’s going to happen to America.  $5000 a year to educate them; $50,000 for prison.  Maybe they can have pencils with erasers in prison.

No one at the top is listening or cares.  Kids.  They’re packed in like sardines now, and there will be more next year and the next.

I look at their faces and try to imagine what their lives will be like because we failed to give them what they needed to succeed.  It’s crazy.  The chances are great that they will turn to drugs and crime.  Then, our taxes will pay for their lawyers, criminal services, their prison needs like food, shelter, medical and mental health care, all because we didn’t care about their potential today.  All the way around America loses because we failed our children.

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  1. Juanita says:

    Schools are being used to dumb down kids. That way, America will have no leadership and the world will take over. Our most precious resource is being wasted.

    Some teachers do not care – they are not mature enough to make a difference. Some teachers are broken hearted, like you, as they know the value of the product. Please give them your best! It has to be better than many of our homes are now. Someone needs to love them (the right way) or they have nothing to live for!

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