Welcome, AOL “Advice Mama”!

Susan Stiffelman

The America’s Angel Campaign is proud to announce it’s newest Angel Advisor:

Susan Stiffelman, MFT – also known as AOL’s parenting expert “Advice Mama“!

We are thrilled to include her on our Advisory Board (watch this space – Advisory Board page to be updated shortly!), where she joins other prestigious Advisors such as Dr William Sears and Michael Gurian.

Susan Stiffelman not only provides parents with expert advice concerning compassionate, conscious parenting – but is also the author of the respected book:

“Parenting without Power Struggles”.

To find out more, visit Susan’s website: www.parentingwithoutpowerstruggles.com, and check out AOL’s weekly “Advice Mama” column at www.parentdish.com

“The book is a gem.”

Mothering Magazine

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