Trending towards disaster…

baby eyeAmerica , we have led our children’s future to the brink. Our nation’s social trends are trending towards disaster. Now, in our desperation to fix what’s broken, we are blind to the obvious.

It’s not about early childhood education, as important as that is. It’s not about poverty, as destructive as that is. It’s not about gun control, the right to life, who marries who, it’s not even about fixing our schools, as obvious as that is. And, oh my, it’s not about politics.

4 decades of research into the young brain leave no doubt it’s about parents showing up to parent. It’s about parents nurturing that innocent child from the first breath of life.

It’s about the magic of laughter and lullabies. It’s about how love builds the baby brain. It’s about our human desperation to bond with our mother’s eyes. It’s about parents’ nurturing with peace, joy, patience that vulnerable, amazing child brain into its full potential. It’s about what kind of people we are raising.

First, foremost, and forever it’s about America ’s parents raising ethical, compassionate and hopeful children.

This is what the AMERICA ’S ANGEL Campaign stands for: Nation building.

The intention of this Campaign is not to rearrange deck chairs, but to save the ship.

If you agree, step up, speak out, get involved because it’s the future of your kids on the line.

Take these steps if you are ready to Get Involved:

  • Share the mission, website and facebook page with your friends, family, colleagues and networks
  • Sign up for the Campaign newsletter (on the homepage)
  • Help us help you: DONATE…. because it takes more than wings to support this ANGEL
  • Contact if you have contacts to conscious celebrity parents, national organizations aligned with this mission, or corporations interested in cause-marketing the well-being of America’s children.
  • Let your wild child play :-)

And remember laughter and lullabies are free!


2 Responses to “Trending towards disaster…”

  1. Cole Pigeon says:

    Your blogpost is amazing, im sorry to say but for some reason i can’t view your blogpost on chrome, thats why i had to use firefox.

  2. Mary says:

    This article is right on target, and the sad thing is a parent does not have to be taught those skills. Even if they came from a background where that did not happen with them, they can make it happen with their children. So many people think you need material things to raise a child,the most important thing a child needs are the parents attention and love. Too many children are raising themselves and lack being shown the attention they so desperately need. It saddens my heart so to see this happening.

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