National Educational Campaign

 The AMERICA'S ANGEL National Campaign supports the medical and social research substantiating the instinctual need of children to be safe and nurtured within their family environment. The Campaign provides our nation's most influential researchers and childhood professionals the national platform to educate every citizen and refocus the American conversation.

America's universities have over forty years of research overwhelmingly proving that the child's biology requires consistent bonding within the family environment in order to develop his optimum mental and physical potential throughout life.

If this window of opportunity does not provide for the child's developmental needs, the child is at extraordinary risk of developing coping behaviors which result in lifelong patterns of physical and mental illness, including drug and alcohol abuse, stress related disease, and the need to be violent. These patterns are then regenerated in ever-expanding consequences which now compromise our homes, our schools, our streets, and our communities - the very fabric of who we are as a People.

 AMERICA'S ANGEL is dedicated to unite each of of us, through education and inspiration, by providing every parent the respect and resources to ensure the protection and nurturance of every child. This national educational commitment, to strengthen the American family, provides your children the hope of their most basic of human rights: to live free from fear, to be safe in their own home and homeland.



Chidren Coping with Family Violence