AMERICA'S ANGEL is a national campaign of fierce compassion,

dedicated to insuring the fundamental human right of every child to be safe in his or her own home.

The campaign is strategically designed to unite citizens of all persuasions- politically, socially and philosophically- in dedication to ending the epidemic of violence in our homes and communities.

AMERICA'S ANGEL Campaign reclaims safety and nurturing for every child in every home in America, and ensures a future of freedom for all generations that follow.




  • To raise consciousness around the sanctity of creating LIFE, FAMILY and COMMUNITY.
  • To disperse factual information and resources concerning the developmental and emotional needs of children, emphasizing the critical first three years of life.
  • To alert all citizens to the frightening link between children exposed to trauma and violence and our burgeoning criminal and mentally ill populations
  • To create a sense of urgency to the fact that our future, both personally and nationally, is directly linked to the nurturing of each and every American today.
  • To create a MEDIA BLITZ reflecting the American family as nurturing and nonviolent.
  • To be A CATALYST FOR SUPPORT of the hundreds of community, state, and national organizations dedicated to the protection of America's children and families.
  • To remind all of us that CHILDREN ARE HUMAN BEINGS
  • And, most importantly, to bring HOPE to the kids.