Parent Resources

"From conception to the first birthday, the quality of mother~infant bonding develops brain and nervous system patterns that last for a lifetime.”
Thomas Lewis, M.D.
“The promotion of healthy child development is both a moral responsibility and an essential social investment to secure sustainable economic productivity and a viable democratic society.”
Jack Shonkoff, M.D.
“It’s unfair to expect teens to have adult levels of organization skills or decision-making before their brains are finished being built.”
Dr. Jan Giedd

Voice of America’s Children: Young children often lack the language and experience to tell you what they really need. Teenagers can struggle with emotions / frustrations that just need you to listen, really listen.  What I need you to know and Teenager’s Plea put their feelings into words.

Learning Styles:  Every child has a preference for learning and remembering new information, such as visual, auditory, and “hands on”. Discover which styles apply to your child to support their love of learning. Finding the Smart Part in Every Child.

Learning & Emotions: How your child feels effects how well they learn.

Strategies for Improving Memory: Whether at home or in school, when learning is “fun”, memory improves.

Ready to Read?: Vision is more than just 20/20.  If your child struggles with reading, this information may explain why.

Homework Help:   Use these strategies, games and websites to create the optimum learning state ~ PLAY .

Giftedness:  Strategies for raising a gifted child.

Special Education: Learn about the legal protections provided students with special needs.

Angel Bookstore/Media store: America’s Angel Campaign-approved parenting books, CDs and DVDs in partnership with With your order, Amazon donates a percentage to the Campaign.