Call to Action

“Many things can wait. Children cannot. Today their bones are being formed, their blood is being made, their senses are being developed. To them we cannot say ‘Tomorrow’. Their name is today.”

Gabriela Mistral, Chilean teacher 1899-1957

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How do we build a strong future on broken children? The answer is not to continue rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic, but to address the root cause through the mission of AMERICA ‘S ANGEL: To establish the well-being of America’s children as America’s FIRST priority, ensuring their birthright to be safe and nurtured in their own homes and homeland.

AMERICA’S ANGEL promises to do for our children what a pink ribbon did for breast cancer, and a yellow ribbon did to support our troops. We must raise awareness to raise our children well.

As devoted parents, we do all we can to prepare our children for the future. AMERICA’S ANGEL prepares the future for our children.