Letter to President Obama

President Barack ObamaMarch 8, 2009
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC

RE: The AMERICA’S ANGEL Campaign ~ Change our children can believe in

Dear President Obama:

This letter is written to introduce the AMERICA’S ANGEL Campaign to you, a husband and father who now leads our future. Your clear call to wisdom as you parent Sasha and Malia proves that homeland security does not begin at our borders. Homeland security begins in the security of our homes.

I write you from my heart as a woman who has loved this Country all of her life. I am, also, a social researcher and credentialed School Psychologist, who for almost two decades has witnessed the decline of parents who take responsibility to protect and nurture their families. The pain that results in America’s children bleeds into our classrooms, communities and courtrooms, fueling a pandemic social breakdown that threatens our nation’s future as a civil society. Their pain compelled me to act.

The AMERICA’S ANGEL Campaign was founded on the recognition that:

  • When building a house, a life, or a nation, the foundation must be laid properly.
  • Historically, the disintegration of the family precedes the disintegration of the culture.
  • America has forgotten what family is for.
  • Despite four decades of warnings, our nation has yet to vigorously address our Fatal Flaw, the root of our soaring financial and moral bankruptcies - the sorrowful State of our Union’s families.
  • Today, we lead twenty-five 1st World Nations in all social pathologies and pandemic disease. Ironically, the research of our neuroscientists defines the biological mandate for family bonding to optimize the potential of the developing brain. The bold commitment of your Presidency - to revitalize education, cure cancer, reduce violence, balance the budget, and chart a new course for our nation’s future - is forwarded by the AMERICA’S ANGEL mission to educate and equip parents to raise happy, healthy, whole children.
  • 1. EDUCATION begins at birth:

    • 1st year – the human brain triples in weight.
    • 1st birthday – 50% of all lifelong learning is complete.
    • 2nd birthday - 75% of all lifelong learning is complete.
    • 3rd birthday - the quality of family bonding has hard wired the child’s brain for peace or pathology.
    • Kindergarten through 12th grade – Fear destabilizes synaptic connections, which are crucial for optimum cognitive, language, motor, and moral development. A child raised in a fear-based family struggles to attend, learn, remember, and comply, and thus disrupts class instruction, depletes support services, and denies the optimum promise of that child to himself, and to our shared future.
    • In other words, the brain cannot learn if the heart hurts. In other words, kids need roots to fly.

    If the key to a better society is a better education,
    then the key to a better education is better parenting.

    2. PREVENTABLE HEALTH CARE COSTS – 2009 - $1.5 Trillion (60% of $2.5 trillion):

    Fear floods the young brain and body with stress hormones of adrenalin and cortisols, compromising the newly-born immune system. Fear-based childhoods initiate an estimated 60% of America’s pandemics of cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, increased cholesterol, obesity, and diabetes.

    Research base: Adverse Childhood Experiences-ACE Study, Health and Human Services, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Dr. Maxia Dong, Epidemiologist, AMERICA’S ANGEL Advisor.

    3. PREVENTABLE MENTAL HEALTH COSTS – 2008 - $450 Billion:

    Fear-based childhoods breed mental illness and behavioral disorders.

    Research base: Drs. Thomas Lewis, Richard Lannon, Fari Amini (AMERICA’S ANGEL Advisor), Professors of Psychiatry, School of Medicine, University of California - San Francisco.

    4. PREVENTABLE CRIMINAL JUSTICE COSTS: - 2008: $230 billion (US OMB)

    The US builds more prisons and fills them faster than any culture in the history of the world.

    Correlating with the breakdown of the American family, explosive growth in the number of people on probation or parole has propelled the population of the American corrections system to 7.3 million / 1 in 31 adults are behind bars, on parole or probation.

    Criminal consequences of fear-based childhoods: female-targeted violence, domestic violence, child abuse and exploitation, and sociopathic crime.

    The ECONOMIC consequences of unraveling families prohibit ECONOMIC recovery.

    Mr. President, you have challenged this nation with a bold and judicious call to parental responsibility. You and the First Lady, with a honed sense of respect and responsibility, prove how strong families raise children of character. Your example brings hope that the same integrity will bless our own homes, our schools, our communities, our nation, and our standing before the world.

    America’s children – whether privileged or of poverty, broken or whole, treasured or terrified, innocence protected or innocence betrayed – also hope that their parents will be just like you.

    AMERICA’S ANGEL gives their hope wings. AMERICA’S ANGEL gives your challenge the platform to leave no parent behind as we unite to establish our national priority to inspire, educate, and equip every parent to responsibly, respectfully nurture the potential of their children.

    Your challenge to parents signals a pivotal transformation for our nation, and a new legacy for an American President. To forward this transformation, with the fierce urgency of NOW, Bishop McKinney and I request the opportunity to meet with the appropriate staff to discuss the potential of this mission to support your sweeping agenda by strengthening our families, and thus ensure that America’s promise is first and foremost to the promise of each child.

Morgan Rose, M.S.