Our Mission

If the key to a better society is a better EDUCATION,
then the key to a better education is better PARENTING.

The Campaign Mission of America’s Angel

The AMERICA’S ANGEL Campaign was founded on the recognition that:

  • When building a house, a life, or a nation, the foundation must be laid properly.
  • Historically, the disintegration of the family precedes the disintegration of the culture.
  • America has forgotten what family is for.
  • Despite four decades of warnings, our nation has yet to vigorously address our Fatal Flaw, the root of our soaring financial and moral bankruptcies - the sorrowful State of our Union’s families.

Campaign Goals & Objectives

Child safety and security relies on aligning America’s cultural priorities with the compelling biological imperative for child/parent/family bonding as the foundation of a civilized society. To ensure a culture that prioritizes the well being of our families and creates a future worthy of our children, AMERICA’S ANGEL is committed to the following:

  • Establish America’s children as our Nation’s 1st priority.
  • Enroll one hundred respected celebrities, athletes, and experts in an unprecedented National Celebrity Media Campaign to reimage the American family as nurturing and nonviolent.
  • Promote national awareness of healthy parenting as the cornerstone of democracy and the highest act of patriotism.
  • Provide every parent the respect, research and resources required to raise nurtured children.
  • Respect our youth by educating them as to the tremendous responsibilities of parenthood, preparing them to raise their families with consciousness rather than ignorance.
  • Provide comprehensive, multilingual resources for parents, caregivers and educators as they embrace the awesome responsibility and opportunity of raising nurtured children.
  • Encourage public support for the hundreds of community, state, and national organizations dedicated to the well being of America’s families.
  • Introduce the AMERICA’S ANGEL logo as a national symbol, representing America’s patriotic commitment to its families and future.

Today, the United States leads the world’s twenty-five 1st World Nations in all social pathologies and pandemic diseases. Ironically, the research of our own neuroscientists defines the biological mandate for family bonding to optimize the potential of the developing brain. In other words, the role of family and parents is the crux of every child safety and security cause. The bold commitment of our Nations leaders - to revitalize education, cure cancer, reduce violence, balance the budget, and chart a new course for our nation’s future - is forwarded by the AMERICA’S ANGEL mission to educate and equip parents to raise happy, healthy, whole children.

“The belief that our families need no national recognition or protection paradoxically leads to the fact that the disintegration of America, from within, is well underway”

Dr. Urie Bronfenbrenner
Co-founder of Head Start
Professor Emeritus, Human Development,
Family Studies and Psychology, Cornell University