Angel Answers

America’s 1st graders answer the question:

What does an ANGEL do?

  • An Angel helps people when they are sad.
  • An Angel keeps children safe even when they’re not.
  • An Angel sings lullabies to lonely children.
  • An Angel helps children when they feel nervous.
  • An Angel tells you everything is possible even when you don’t think it is.
  • An Angel finds people to help when we need them.
  • An Angel is magical.
  • An Angel can do anything that is good for children.
  • An Angel tells you when to hit the ball.
  • An Angel helps you get up when you’re hurt.
  • An Angel can be your best friend when no one else believes you.
  • An Angel can help our libraries that are closing down.
  • An Angel plays your heart strings when you are sad.
  • An Angel can stop my mom and dad from fighting.
  • An Angel is the only one who will tell you where daddy is when you’re only six.
  • An Angel can stop the gangs from writing graffiti on school walls.
  • An Angel plays her harp for love.
  • An Angel guards you when you sleep.
  • An Angel can find a child’s daddy when he’s lost.
  • An Angel even loves bullies.
  • An Angel will whisper when it’s OK to cry.
  • An Angel makes a miracle just when a child needs one.
  • An Angel always knows how to bring fun.
  • An Angel likes pie and they play the harp in your dreams.
  • An Angel is the best friend of children.