Interfaith Coalition

Our United States Constitution protects every citizen’s right to worship as they see fit. Thus, we Americans have a full spectrum of religious and non-religious beliefs. The AMERICA’S ANGEL Interfaith Coalition builds unity within this community, agreeing that we have many philosophical differences, yet must put aside our differences and stand together with our shared moral responsibility on this one issue ~ the Birthright of Every Child to be Safe and Nurtured.

George D. McKinney, Ph.D., D.Div.

National Association of Evangelicals
Racial Reconciliation Man of the Year Award
Paul Harris Fellow, Rotary Foundation of Rotary International
Nominee, United States Senate Chaplaincy
Recipient of the NAACP Legacy Award
General Board, Church of God in Christ
Author: The New Slave Masters

Bishop McKinney invites leaders of our Nation’s faith community to join him in promoting strong families and conscious parenting. To contact Bishop about participating in the AMERICA’S ANGEL Interfaith Coalition, please use the following link:
[email protected]