Celebrity Campaign


“Using the Media to Change America for Good”

AMERICA’S ANGEL is inviting one hundred conscious celebrity parents to use their influence to change the course of our Nation. By sharing their commitment to their own children and families, America’s most respected icons become the positive role models to inspire our nation’s parents in their opportunity and responsibility of raising America’s future.

“Be the DADDY They Deserve”

The MAN and the MESSAGE: Celebrity dad speaking man to man with every father, and father to be, in America about how he strives to be the daddy his kids deserve.

KEN NORTON, former Heavy Weight Boxing Champion of the World, leads the way.


Ken Norton compiled a 42-7-1 boxing record from 1967-81. His career was highlighted by his 1973 split-decision victory over Ali for the North American Boxing Federation title.


NFL players Step Up and Speak Out to make “Conscious Parenting Cool”.

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Kevin Burnett from the San Diego ChargersPart 1Part 1

Kevin Burnett                  Jason Perry                  Quentin Jammer

Part 1Part 1

Gary Parks                    Michael Tolbert


The MOM and the MESSAGE: Speaking heart to heart with every mother, and mother to be, the celebrity mom shares her personal thoughts about her most important role ~ nurturing her children.