Your Tax Dollars At Work

When families fail their children, WE ALL PAY for the consequences.

The exploding economic consequences of failing families prohibits our Nation’s economic recovery.

FACT – Fear-based childhoods initiate an estimated 60% of America’s pandemics of cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, increased cholesterol, obesity, diabetes, mental illness, behavioral disorders, drug addictions, and other at-risk behaviors.

Research base: Adverse Childhood Experiences-ACE Study, Health and Human Services, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

FACT - The financial impact of drug abuse includes increasing violence and property crime in all regions of the United States, increasing budgets for additional law enforcement and criminal justice resources.

The estimated cost to public and private medical insurers is $72.5 billion a year, much of which is passed on to consumers through higher health insurance premiums.

The abuse of prescription drugs escalates budgets of substance abuse treatment, particularly as prescription drug abuse is suspected to be fueling heroin abuse rates in some areas of the United States.

FACT – U.S. Health Care Budget is exploding

2003 - $471 Billion
2010 - $859 Billion
2012 - $1, 009 Trillion / (projected)

FACT – America’s criminal justice system’s budget is 3 times the amount of our health care budget.

The US builds more prisons and fills them faster than any culture in the history of the world.

Taxpayers now spend more on corrections than on education.

California taxpayers pay $225,000 per year on each incarcerated juvenile offender.

FACT - The United States has the highest teen pregnancy rate in the industrialized world. The Center for Disease control says that one-third of girls get pregnant before the age of 20.

FACT – By June 1, 2010, The U.S. public debt exceeded $13 Trillion.

FACT – The total debt has increased over $500 billion each year since fiscal year 2003, with increases of $1 trillion in 2008 and $1.9 trillion in 2009.

FACT – WE are creating the problems we are going bankrupt trying to solve.

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