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Maxia Dong, MD, Ph.D., medical epidemiologist with the U.S.Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Dr. Dong's research on America's health confirms the link between fear and loss in childhood to our escalating national health and social epidemics, including heart disease and cancer.

"The AMERICA'S ANGEL Campaign's goal of exposing the scientific knowledge to America is very crucial. It will provide our nation with cutting edge medical and social research and improve the health our nation for generations to come."

Dr. Maxia Dong

Kathleen Kendall-Tackett, Ph.D., Researcher and Health Psychologist, Family Research Laboratory, University of New Hampshire.

Dr. Kendall-Tackett has researched the lifelong health effects of early childhood fear and trauma, including diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and mental illness.

"Childhood abuse affects people on levels of physiology, behavior, social relationships, cognition, and emotion. Much of these negative effects could be avoided if families functioned effectively and were more nurturing....AMERICA'S ANGEL'S goal involves having celebrities participate in a public service campaign in support of nurturing children. I think it's a great goal; one I fully support."

Kathleen Kendall-Tackett, Ph.D.

Bishop George D. McKinney, Ph.D., D.Div., United Church of God in Christ.
"The AMERICA'S ANGEL Campaign is committed to raising our cultural consciousness, inspiring a national awakening to strengthen the American family. Building unity out of our diversity, standing together to influence a foundational shift in what America values...this is the platform from which all other civil rights are made possible."
Bishop George D. McKinney

"When parents hold their babies in their arms, when they sing to them or talk to them, they are actually promoting physical and emotional growth." Mrs. Laura Bush, April, 2002.

Your support of this mission to strengthen the American family may be faxed to Mrs. Laura Bush c/o Office of Projects/White House at (202)456-6605. Sample Letter
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