National Celebrity Media Campaign

"Using the media to change America for good."

AMERICA'S ANGEL is inviting one hundred respected celebrity parents to expand their influence and truly make a profound difference in America's homes. By sharing their commitment to their own children and families, our nation's most respected icons become the role models for inspiring America's parents in their opportunity and responsibility of raising America's future.

Each celebrity parent is highlighted in his or her personal media spot, broadcast on national television and radio stations. As they speak from their hearts about what really matters most in their lives, the deepest hope of every child is given a voice.

Be the Daddy They Deserve

The MAN and the MESSAGE: Speaking man to man, eye to eye, with every father and father-to-be in America, the celebrity dad brings his personal message to promote the profound dignity and responsibility of fathers in the lives of their children.


The MOM and the MESSAGE: Each celebrity mom provides inspiration and encouragement to America's mothers and mothers-to-be, in their irreplaceable role of nurturing their children.

Celebrities confirmed for "Be the Daddy They Deserve."

Mr. Ken Norton, former boxing heavy weight champion
Mr. Steve Young, San Francisco Forty Niners quarterback
Mr. Richard T. Jones, actor
Mr. William "Blinky" Hernandez, Marshall Arts Hall of Fame
Mr. Stuart Scott, ESPN Sports Center Host

"On the day I beat Ali, I became champion in the eyes of the world. Today, that title belongs to someone else. But, to my kids, being their hero, their champion, is a title I will never give up. This title lasts forever. Being champion to my kids is my true legacy."

Ken Norton
Former Heavyweight Champion of the World
AMERICA'S ANGEL Celebrity Ambassador

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