Morgan Rose, MS, NCP
Founder, Executive Director
Educator, National Children's Advocate

B.Terence Harwick, Ph.D.
Professor of Public Policy
Senior Fulbright Scholar

Kaer Soutthard, MA

Elberta Eriksson, MFT, LCSW

Dorothy Hughes
Children's Advocate


Arthur Aaronson, Esq.

Fari Amini, MD
Professor, Department of Psychiatry,
UC San Francisco

Nahid Angha, Ph.D
International Advocate for Human Rights, United Nations

Dee Dickinson, Ed.D
CEO, New Horizons for Learning

Maxia Dong, MD, Ph.D.
Medical Epidemiologist
U.S. Centers for Disease Control
and Prevention

Ken Druck, Ph.D
Clinical Psychologist, Author,
Media Consultant

Paul C. Holinger, MD, MPH
Professor of Psychiatry
Rush-Presbyterian Medical Center

Kathleen Kendall-Tackett, Ph.D.
Professor, Family Research Laboratory
University of New Hampshire

Ali Kianfar, Ph.D
United Nations Human Rights Project

Nancy Lee, Ph.D
Clinical Psychologist

Jay Conrad Levinson
Syndicated Author

Jean Liedloff
Author, The Continuum Concept

Jennifer Litton, BA
Executive Director, The Friendship Club

Bishop George McKinney, Ph.D, D.Div.
AMERICA'S ANGEL Interfaith Coalition
United Church of God in Christ

John Miner
CEO, JEM Graphics, Inc.

Anthony D. Parks
Executive Director
REAL Role Models

Tom Peraic, JD
Attorney at Law

Thomas Schoenberger
Award winning composer

Edward V. Stein, Ph.D
Executive Director, Violence Prevention Forum

Carley Sullivan
Past President,
Nevada State Board of Education

Bettina Vaello, M.D.
Director, Creative Village

"VIOLATION of the Innocent
begets VIOLENCE in Society."
Morgan Rose
Founder/Executive Director

"I can't think of an investment in time, energy, or resources that will make more of a difference to you and me personally, and of course, to America's families, than AMERICA'S ANGEL."
Roger Grossman


Weaving SOUL and SCIENCE together, the AMERICA’S ANGEL National Celebrity Media Campaign is inspiring a national awakening to strengthen the American family. Using the media to change America for good, AMERICA’S ANGEL provides our nation the inspiration of celebrities and education of cutting edge medical and social research which confirms our most basic, instinctual need for nurturing family relationships.

AMERICA’S ANGEL represents an expanding coalition of media, arts, science, sports, corporate, interfaith and intercultural communities united in patriotic commitment to empowering the American family, the birthplace of America's future.


The hope of our children relies on aligning America’s cultural priorities with the compelling biological imperative for child/parent/family bonding as the foundation of civilized society. To ensure a culture that prioritizes the well being of our families and creates a future worthy of our children, the AMERICA’S ANGEL Campaign is committed to the following:


  • Enroll one hundred respected celebrities, athletes and experts in an unprecedented national celebrity media campaign in support of our nation's parents and families.

  • Promote national awareness of healthy parenting as the cornerstone of democracy and highest act of patriotism.

  • Provide parents the respect, research and resources required to raise happy, healthy, whole children and strengthen America’s future.

  • Establish America’s children as America’s priority, ensuring the birthright of all children to be safe and nurtured in their own homes, to live free to dream their dreams, to have confidence in their future.

  • Introduce AMERICA’S ANGEL logo as a national symbol, representing America’s patriotic commitment to its families and future.

  • Provide comprehensive, multilingual resources for parents, caregivers and educators as they embrace the awesome responsibility and opportunity of raising nurtured children.

  • Provide a catalyst for public support of the hundreds of community, state, and national organizations dedicated to the well being of America's children and families.
  • As a model of unity for the nation, the AMERICA'S ANGEL® Directors and Advisors represent a coalition of cultural, religious and philosophical diversity from the fields of medicine, law, mental health, education, media, religion and business. Included is our distinguished medical advisor, Dr. Fari Amini, Department of Psychiatry, University of California, San Francisco. Dr. Amini’s years of research in the fields of infant brain development and cultural implications of early environment and attachment are published in the profound book, The General Theory of Love.

    The AMERICA'S ANGEL® logo, by Mr. Howard Lim, graphic designer with Disney and DreamWorks, was created with the intention of becoming the national symbol of commitment to America's families and future.

    The campaign has created strategies for capturing the attention of America, building national commitment to protecting the innocence of every child, and granting their shared wish to grow up in nurturing homes, schools, and communities. With the intention of supporting the American family and reversing the increasing cycle of violence and violation, the AMERICA'S ANGEL® Campaign brings hope to a nation in crisis.

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