Founder's Letter


Thank you for your interest in the AMERICA'S ANGEL® Campaign, inspiring a national awakening to strengthen the American family.

The future of this mission holds the hope of healthy families, strong communities, and building a national commitment to your children and mine. As adults, we share deep concerns if there is truly anything that can be done to change the direction of the future we are about to place into their trusting hands. The answer is yes and here is how we come together to accomplish it.

RATIONALE: “Begin at the beginning.”

Remember when the most important thing in your life was to know your parents found you adorable and irresistible? There was a good reason for that. Survival. You, as a human child, were born with an intense biological longing to belong, to be protected and nurtured by your family.

As in all of nature, when this primary need is met, childhood unfolds in harmony within the child and within the culture. When this primary need is not met successfully the result is most often suffering within the child, and in time, within the culture.

Consider the current reality of our children’s future:

  • National rates of violent crimes for homicide, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, motor vehicle theft and road rage are on the rise (Bureau of Justice Statistics).

  • Physical assault has increased 440% in the past 40 years (FBI).

  • 11.5 million SERIOUS crimes occurred in the US in 2001 (FBI).

  • Illegal drug abuse by adolescents, teens and young adults has risen to 16 million, with the use of marijuana, ecstasy and cocaine most prevalent (National Household Survey on Drug Abuse).

  • Rate of children on prescribed psychiatric drugs has doubled in the past ten years, with little known as to the long-term effects of such medications on the developing brain (Dr. J.M. Zito, Univ. of Maryland).

  • Four children in every American classroom are at-risk.

  • U.S. foster care system is growing at an alarming rate, including high rates of abuse of children by foster parents (US Dept. of Health and Human Services).

  • More of America's teens and young adults die from suicide than from cancer, heart disease, flu, birth defects, stroke, pneumonia, AIDS and chronic lung disease, combined. In the past ten years more of America's youth have died from suicide (est. 55,000) than were lost in combat in the ten year Vietnam war (47,355). Incidence of successful attempts has tripled in the last twenty-five years.

  • 386,000 convicted sex offenders were registered in the US as of February, 2001 (California leads with 92,000).

  • In 1995, domestic violence was declared a national health pandemic by the American Medical Association, affecting at least 35% of our families with social consequences affecting every segment of society. The innocent victims witnessing such acts are at significant risk of repeating the pattern. (FBI)

  • Depression, suicide and psychiatric medication use have doubled for college students in the past ten years, with emotional difficulties far more complex and severe than those seen in the past (Dr. Sherry Benton, Journal of Professional Psychology: Research and Practice).

  • 1.3 million runaways roam the streets of America.

  • One in three of our daughters are sexually violated before they reach the age of 18.
  • One in three newborns are born to teenage mothers.

Supporting the social and medical services necessary to address these tragic issues costs US taxpayers One TRILLION dollars, annually; over three million dollars per minute; $500,000 every ten seconds; $2400 every year for the average American family.

One has only to read the writing on the wall to know these costs are bankrupting the infrastructure of America, including the education and hopeful futures of our children.

The devastating emotional costs of broken children and broken families cannot be calculated, but are well known to schoolteachers, hospitals, social services, the justice system, therapists, clergy, pediatricians, counselors and every school age child in America. Just ask them.


To address the root of this pandemic unraveling of the very fabric of our society requires a deep cultural commitment to shifting what we value.

To promote that shift, the AMERICA’S ANGEL Campaign is committed to the solution rather than the symptoms. Putting band-aids on broken children does not begin to address the reality of the lifelong impact of shattering a child’s fragile innocence.
Rather than rescuing suffering children, AMERICA’S ANGEL proactively stands for children never suffering, at all.

America has experienced the positive impact of educational campaigns, such as Mothers Against Drunk Driving and “Buckle Up for Safety.”

Likewise, corporate America recognizes that celebrities and athletes often influence our buying decisions. Celebrity endorsements are worth millions for high profile marketing campaigns, simply because of our desire to “be like them.”

Building on these proven models, AMERICA’S ANGEL provides an unprecedented national campaign inviting respected celebrities, athletes and experts to take the leadership, and focus national attention on the primary issues of our nation’s children, families and future.

The national launch of AMERICA’S ANGEL includes:

  • Celebrity Campaign - Inviting one hundred celebrities and athletes to take a stand in the media for America’s families, reimaging the American family as nurturing and nonviolent.
  • “How are the Children?” - Compelling Public Service Announcement series, featuring children ages 3 through 10, asking the one most important question.
  • “Be the Daddy They Deserve” - Respected celebrity fathers, using their influence to promote the crucial role of fatherhood in America.
  • Educational Campaign - Experts in child development, healthy parenting, positive communication and community building will serve as resources through national media venues including TV, radio, Internet, billboards and magazine articles. To raise public awareness and investment in our children and families, AMERICA’S ANGEL provides the conduit for bringing the knowledge and inspiration of positive parenting and healthy families into the homes of America.


AMERICA’S ANGEL is dedicated to building national commitment to the following priorities:

  • Respect our youth by educating them as to the tremendous responsibilities of parenthood, preparing them to raise their families with consciousness rather than ignorance.
  • Elevate the role of parenthood by supporting and empowering parents in their opportunity and responsibility of raising nurtured children.
  • Inspire the American community to support each family, for the sake of us all.

Our culture is in chaos because of our failure to seriously address the needs of our children and families, first. Every day that America focuses on the consequences rather than the cause, the problems compound and our children’s future grows more bleak.

If we are to bless rather than curse our children’s future, our nation’s first priority must be their well being, today. We, as citizens, must take the initiative to shift the conversation in Washington, the media, sports, education, politics, medicine, mental health, the judicial system, and around our nation's dinner tables.

Homeland security does not begin at our borders. Homeland security begins in the security of our homes.

AMERICA ANGEL exists to support your highest hopes for your children and the future they will inherit all too soon.

To dream the dreams of your children forward, it takes more than WINGS to support the Angel committed to their highest hopes.

Please consider making a tax deductible donation to support this crucial mission, committed to creating a foundational shift in what America values, supporting your deepest devotion to your family, your community, and your nation .

Current contributions are designated for funding the production costs of the "Be the Daddy They Deserve" and "MommyMe" Celebrity Campaign. Your donation of any amount will bring these powerful messages into every home and heart across our great land. Donations may be mailed to:

4018 Goldfinch St., #118
San Diego, CA 92103

or deposited directly at any Wells Fargo Bank
Account #: 12104 2882 0087121810

or assigned through UNITED WAY of the Bay Area
Account #: 1831021

Thank you, again, for your interest and support. Together, we will build a future worthy of our children.

On behalf of America's Children,

Morgan Rose
Founder/Executive Director

It’s about Families. It’s about Future. It’s about Time.

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