It Takes More than WINGS to Support an Angel
    What YOU can do NOW to promote the mission of AMERICA'S ANGEL®:

  • Trust the wisdom of the children. Respect their creativity, emotions, and how very innocent they are.
  • Increase your awareness of the developmental needs of children and the nurturing of family relationships. A wide array of recommended books is available on the Angel Bookstore page.
  • Build momentum by forwarding a link to this page to at least ten friends and family members.
  • Support the sacred work of the family agencies in your own community.
  • Share the hope of AMERICA'S ANGEL® with a child. We'd love to read their responses.
  • Let us know what this effort means to you at [email protected].
  • Your financial support is vital to ensuring that America's children become America's priority. Please send your tax deductible donations to:

    4019 Goldfinch St., #118
    San Diego, CA  92103

  • AMERICA'S ANGEL®, Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) For Public Benefit corporation.
Financial accounting is provided by Eichstaedt & Devereaux, LLP, of San Francisco, CA.

No affiliation exists between AMERICA'S ANGEL®, Inc. and any religious, political, or philosophical organization. The campaign was founded for the sole purpose of building national commitment to protecting the joy and innocence of America's children through a national educational and inspirational campaign, promoting the responsibility of creating life, family and community and the birthright of our children to be safe and nurtured in their own homes.
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